Gleaners are breaking cover


To the Editor:

There’s a secret source of special treats right here on the Vineyard. It’s hidden below the surface, but more and more people are learning about it.

Island Grown Gleaning (formerly Martha’s Vineyard Gleaners) just completed six years of gleaning farmers’ fields. Gleaning is a medieval term for what the peasants took from the field after the lord of the manor had completed his harvest.

Island Grown Gleaning picks crops which farmers no longer need. Vegetables are weighed, sorted, and delivered to the schools, senior centers, food pantry, and other worthy programs. It’s a win-win program for all involved.

Next summer, when the call goes out to the gleaners, let Jamie or Wendi know if you want to get involved: or the web page It’s a little secret more people should know about.

Tom Dresser

Oak Bluffs