Bike path duplication questioned


To the Editor:

Are the coffers of Oak Bluffs overflowing? There is a movement to duplicate the current bike path that now goes in front of our lovely hospital and then curves gently in back of several Eastville properties and a wetland area, bringing the user to the intersection in front of the former entry of the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital emergency room.

There is a somewhat ambiguous sign along the way in front of the hospital that didn’t encourage me to follow this existing path, thus avoiding walking, riding a bike, etc. along the dangerous stretch of roadway. Yet this pedestrian/bike path does exist, and functions perfectly well. It is paved, safe, avoids disturbing the wetland area, and even has lighting.

So my question to our Oak Bluffs citizens is, Why do we want to spend quite a lot of money duplicating this existing bike/pedestrian path in the Eastville area, disrupting and destroying property owners’ front yards, interrupting a wetland area, cutting down trees and other vegetation, and still have folks walking/riding along a treacherous curve, when we have a lovely bike/pedestrian way already in place?

Sandra McDonald Mott

Oak Bluffs