Unpleasant but wonderful


To the Editor:

This past Thursday, I was walking in a heavy rain from our home on East Chop Drive to Bink’s auto repair to pick up our car. Just short of my destination, I tripped and fell face-forward. I think I tripped in a submerged pothole, but I was also exhausted from the walk. I woke briefly when the ambulance arrived and picked me up. The ambulance crew asked me questions en route to determine how conscious and aware I was.

I remember scattered details about arriving at the hospital and being wheeled into the emergency room. I heard someone say I had a lot of blood on my face. I was hooked up to EKG, and then pushed down the hall by a nice guy named John, who x-rayed my head and one damaged hand. Then back to my initial room, where a nice nurse named Nancy cleaned my face and applied some soothing ointment. And a nice doctor named Kate talked with me, and later came to bid me farewell.

All in all, I can’t say I “enjoyed” my hospital visit, but bless the folks there (and also, especially, the anonymous person who phoned for the ambulance after seeing me fall) for all their efforts on my behalf. Thanks.

Don Hinkle

Oak Bluffs