It was a bonnie night


To the Editor:

The Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard (SSMV) would like to thank all those who helped to make our Burns’ Night supper, auction, and raffle held Sunday such a success. All money raised goes to our high school scholarship fund.

Many thanks to: Cape Air, Al’s Package Store, Your Market, Vivian Cook in honor of Bud France, Brenda and Bob Wallace, Betsy and Bill Llewellyn, Donna Blackburn, Allan and Michelle Reekie, Rick Hamilton, Jeffrey and Becca La Marche, Peter Wells and Sally Snipes, Peter McCrae, Nathan and Dorian Lopes and family, Patricia Correia, Liz Villard, Sarah, Katrina and Bruce Nevin, Alan Wilder and Debra Brissette, Cindy Bonnell, Ed Pierce, Chris and Pam Scott, John and Janet Packer of Northern Pines Farm, Lizzy Bradley, Steve and Claudia Ewing, Jib Ellis, Deb Medders, and Sophia Anthony.

A big Scottish cheer for one of our true, pure native Scots and founding member of the society, Robert MacKay. Bob came out of retirement to deliver a stunningly brilliant “Address to the Haggis,” filmed by Phil Dietterich, and produced and narrated by Pastor Rich Rego. Never to be “forgot.”  

Special thanks to Brittani Hunter, Marnique Allen, and the staff of the Harbor View Hotel, many who spent the night of the storm in the hotel. Thanks to chef Caleb Lara and sous chef Nicholas Sawyer for a delicious and hearty “Bill o’ Fare.” Many thanks to Jack Wildauer and his staff at Protek for the very professional lighting and sound system he so graciously provides for us each year. Thanks to Mark Lovewell and Heather Hamacek of the Gazette and Ralph Stewart of The Times for great photos and coverage, as usual. Great praise to piper Tony Peak for squeezing out all those notes that always lift our voices and bring us to tears. A “Tip a’ the Tam” to auctioneer and emcee Chris Scott, who keeps us rolling in the aisles with raucous laughter as he’s picking our pockets for the scholarship fund. He really missed his calling.

Lastly, I need to send true Gaelic blessings to dear friends of the Scottish Society, Victor and Jacquelyn Zollo, whose generosity truly helps make possible all that we do.

Lang may all your lums reek.

Steve Ewing
Vice President,