English-language help is available


To the Editor:

Regarding Juliana Germani’s “Saudade” column of Jan. 28, “How to learn English”: It is wonderful that one of the many Brazilian churches on Martha’s Vineyard will be helping adults to learn English. As the only full-service, free, professional English-language program on the Island, Martha’s Vineyard Adult Learning Program (MVALP) regularly has a wait list of 100-plus people. As we have trained teachers and a high-quality customized ESOL curriculum suited to Island workers and parents, our program is in high demand. Some adults are unable to commit to our intensive program and attendance policy, so it is great to have an alternative program joining the English-language teaching arena.

For interested adult English-language learners, of any nationality, able to commit to a rigorous (3 evenings per week from September to April) free English program, please note that MVALP regularly assesses and places over 100 students every September; with a second, smaller registration open in January each year. This year MVALP placed students from nine different countries who moved to the United States and now call Martha’s Vineyard home.

Martha’s Vineyard Adult Learning Program has been helping Island immigrants learn English for 18 years. The program is supported by a grant from Adult and Community Learning Services at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and by the Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools.

More program information is available on the MVALP webpage (mvalp.com) or on the MVALP Facebook page. A link to our program is also available on the superintendent’s webpage at mvyps.org.

We invite The MVTimes to visit us at the high school on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening to learn more about this high-quality English-language program for Island residents.

Jeanne Burke, director
Martha’s Vineyard Adult Learning Program