Yes, he can


To the Editor:

Can Bernie Sanders win the general election? That is the most common concern people have expressed when discussing the election. On the heels of the Iowa primary, it is looking undeniable. Yes, he can.

The Massachusetts primary is March 1. It is your opportunity to vote with your hearts, since the data show it is possible. He needs your vote.

Who would believe that a viable campaign could be successful without large PAC money? The average donation is $27. That is without precedent, and it leaves Bernie with no ties to super PAC donors.

Can Bernie be an effective president? If he can mobilize enough people to get elected, he can use that same momentum to pressure Congress — something Bernie has repeatedly said he plans to do, and points out Obama didn’t — and that was a mistake.

Bernie’s revolution holds out great promise. Don’t sit this one out. Vote for Bernie.

Paul Lazes
Vineyard Haven