Timing is everything


To the Editor:

With regard to the story about the meeting to discuss VA medical care (Feb. 18, “Federal officials get an earful from Martha’s Vineyard veterans”) and Rep. Bill Keating’s comment: “Woody, I happened to see correspondence in my office that was a thank-you letter from you, so don’t give a blanket statement.”

That thank-you letter from me was from when he was up for re-election a few years ago, when he had helped us get our VA Medical Clinic back here on the Island.

Also, the article should have correctly stated my quote: “We tried to get in touch with you along with the county commissioners with a formal letter on Oct. 23, and we heard absolutely nothing from you.”

The Dukes County Commissioners have continually worked hand in hand with us for several years now concerning the Island veterans’ health care problems with the VA, especially commissioner Tristan Israel and county manager Martina Thornton.

Woody Williams
Vineyard Haven