Island allegiance

To the Editor:

I’d like to shed some light on the statement in last week’s MV Times

piece (“Vineyard will join Super Tuesday voters in national primary contest”) on Super Tuesday: “Martha’s Vineyard has traditionally been a

stronghold of Democratic votes.” Traditionally; really? You might

think so now, but look back a bit and you’ll see it wasn’t always the


For one thing, voter statistics quoted in the article only referenced back as far as the 2008 election, hardly long enough to be considered “traditional.” While we have had a history as a summer fundraising mecca for liberal Democrats for quite some time, these folks did not always reflect votes cast here on the Island.

Consider the 1972 presidential election between Republican Richard M.

Nixon and Democrat George McGovern. I remember it well because it was

the first year I was old enough to vote. I registered in Oak Bluffs, and

backed McGovern in the vain hope it would end four more years of

Tricky Dick and the Vietnam War. Alas, when the final votes were

tallied, Nixon had won by a landslide, and swept every state in the

union except Massachusetts. In all of the commonwealth, only one

county stood out as being carried by Nixon, and which one was it? Dukes County.

Chris Crawford

Vineyard Haven