Unhappy with Comcast


To the Editor:

I am a victim of my own lack of paying attention, and Comcast knew this, because they got me good.

Years ago, I thought I bought a modem from the Comcast office at the airport business park after my service was interrupted because I had not updated it.

I paid about $40 for my new box, went home, plugged it in and forgot about it. While assembling my tax information yesterday, I hit a button and up popped my Comcast itemized bill, showing that they had been charging me $10 per month for TV. I do not have a TV, so I called India to inquire. Guess what? I’ve been paying rental to the tune of over $500 so far for a $69 modem. I did not know this. I am furious. I feel very stupid as well.

So I went to the Comcast office to purchase my modem from them rather than throw it in the landfill. The lovely lady told me, “We don’t sell modems.” I asked about the modem I own — would she buy it back? The lovely lady said “No.” She did not offer any recycling information, nor did she direct me to where I could buy my own. She did say I could return it to her. No refund. I had already checked with Amazon, and they happily sell Xfinity modems exactly like the ones that Comcast does not sell. OK. It is really too much. Please look at your bill; this may be happening to you as well. I now have a extra box, brand-new, if anyone wants it.

Joanne Scott

West Tisbury