Income equality is the issue


To the Editor:

Last week’s MV Times had two articles about Brazilians on Martha’s Vineyard. One story mentioned the usual justification of doing work Americans no longer want to do (March 24, “Brazilian consulate holds office hours on Martha’s Vineyard”). That is somewhat true for housecleaning, but there are Americans here doing residential and commercial cleaning, and that is a fact. Now, ask any American-born or legal-resident carpenter or painter if they have lost work, or have had their wages driven down trying to compete with illegals in the workplace, and you will get a resounding yes.

Also, not reported by writer Juliana Germani is how many in the “vast” Brazilian community (March 24, “Making it on Martha’s Vineyard”) receive taxpayer benefits for health care, food, etc., from hard-working Americans who have to pay for their own healthcare, food, etc., while footing the bill for those who are here illegally or are gaming the system, while working “under the table.” This is really an issue of income equality for Americans.

Anand Anupa
Oak Bluffs