Vandalized Vineyard Haven library memorial bench is replaced

A new memorial bench in front of the Vineyard Haven Library has replaced one destroyed by vandals last July. – Photo by Nelson Sigelman

The Vineyard Haven Public Library has a new granite memorial bench to replace one vandals destroyed nine months ago in a senseless act of destruction.

The bench was erected in memory of Martha Hartman, a library patron. At the time of the vandalism, library director Amy Ryan said the heavy granite bench would be expensive to replace.

“The bench that was destroyed in July has been replaced, with donations made by the Friends of the Library, and Ron Hartman of York, Pa., the son of Martha M. Hartman, in whose memory the bench was originally placed at the library,” Ms. Ryan said Thursday.

Alan Gowell of Martha’s Vineyard Memorials in Edgartown worked with the library to repair the memorial plaque and make the bench replacement affordable, Ms. Ryan said.