Chilmarkers went to the polls, decided one contest

Carol Shweder outpaced Zoe Thompson to win a three-year seat on the Chilmark library board of trustees.

Chilmark voters went to the polls Wednesday. File photo by Michael Cummo

Chilmarkers went to the polls in the Chilmark Community Center on Wednesday to elect town officers. The election featured one contest for a seat on the library board of trustees and a changing of the guard on the three-member board of selectmen.

Carol Shweder, 172 votes, outpaced Zoe Thompson, 105 votes, to win a three-year seat on the Chilmark library board of trustees.

James Malkin, 229 votes, ran unopposed for a seat on the board of selectmen previously held by Jonathan Mayhew, who opted not to run for re-election.

Write-in votes decided the elections for surveyor of wood, lumber, and bark (Keith Emin, 9 votes), fence viewer (Sam Feldman, 37 votes), and filled an additional seat on the board of health (Linda Countinho, 3 votes).

The following candidates were elected without opposition: Clarissa Margaret Allen (252), board of assessors; Katherine Lees Carroll (240), board of health; Susan B. Murphy (241), finance committee; Clarissa Margaret Allen (243), site review committee; Mitchell Posin (245), Peter Cook (189), and Christopher Martin MacLeod (190), planning board; Everett Poole (254), moderator; Melanie Becker (247), treasurer; Sarah Cook (227), cemetery commissioner; and Keith Emin (250), tree warden.