MVRHS Engineering Challenge series closes out with coffee composting

Dylan Wallace, Ben Tillman, and Evan Sauter won with eight K-Cups processed in a minute! The screen in the middle catches any foil, and the grounds are collected in the bottom recycled yogurt container. The top is removable. Photo courtesy of Natalie Munn

The final competition in the 2015-16 series of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Engineering Challenges was held in April. The challenges pit teams of students against the clock as they take on engineering design problems. April’s challenge, pegged to Earth Day, was to use recycled materials to create a device that would extract coffee grounds from as many K-Cups as possible in one minute. A press release reports that the device had to include a method of puncturing the foil top to remove the grounds, but had to keep the foil separate from the grounds so the grounds could be added to the school’s compost bins.

The winning team, who created a device that emptied eight K-Cups in one minute, was Dylan Wallace, Ben TIllman, and Evan Sauter. (Their device is to be moved to the teachers’ lounge for future use.) Second place, a tie, went to the teams of David Packer and Nathaniel Packer, and of Louis Neville, James Kelliher, and Brahmin Thurber-Carbone. Third place went to Curtis Fisher and Savanna Aiello.

The K-Cup challenge was the final in this year’s series, and anyone who placed in this and earlier challenges accrued points for overall standing for the year. First place for this year went to Samantha Hargy, James Kelliher, Casey McAndrews, and Brahmin Thurber-Carbone. Second place: Savanna Aiello and Adam Bilodeau. Third place: Lucas Dutton, Elizabeth O’Brien, and David Webster. Honorable mention: Zachary Bresnick, Anders Nelson, Benjamin Tillman, and Garrett Zeilinger.

Natalie Munn, the leader of the engineering challenges series, thanked Anna Cotton, Dana Munn, Michael Lavers, and Chris Connors for their work planning and providing the series.

Additionally, this was the last challenge of the year. Students who placed in any monthly challenge have accumulated points over the course of the year, and the winners for the 2015-16 Engineering Challenge are:

First Place

Samantha Hargy

James Kelliher

Casey McAndrews

Brahmin Thurber-Carbone

Second Place

Savanna Aiello

Adam Bilodeau

Third Place

Lucas Dutton

Elizabeth O’Brien

David Webster

Honorable Mention

Zachary Bresnick

Anders Nelson

Benjamin Tillman

Garrett Zeilinger