Cool reaction to climate report


To the Editor:

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the Nobel Prize with Al Gore, is telling us that climate models are “improving steadily.” However, it has left behind its previous forecast of 3℃ of warming from a doubling of carbon dioxide, and doesn’t give us a forecast anymore. In the past, the panel said that warming of less than 1.5℃ would be very unlikely; now it says that warming of less than 1℃ would be extremely unlikely. The IPCC, already politicized, seems to understand finally that climate science is very shaky. New data comes in all the time, and with new sensitivity in modeling, the estimates now are showing a much lower level than what was previously forecast. Some of us older people have heard all of this before, and it was always wrong, and never came true. The dishonesty of the activist class is stunning.

Andrew Engelman
Vineyard Haven