After-prom party was a success


To the Editor:

For many students, the junior prom represents more than just a fancy night out. It has been on their minds since they first learned of the longstanding tradition. The prom also represents a milestone, a coming-of-age moment when parents and guardians pull out the stops, offer up hard-earned cash, and trust. Everyone knows that the night is magical. Adults also think about the potential dangers if unsafe choices are made.

The Vineyard has now added a safe, fun, and exciting overnight experience to complete this special evening. The third annual Martha’s Vineyard After-Prom Party, held from 10 pm to 3 am at Alex’s Place and the YMCA last Saturday night, came close to critical mass when over 100 teens arrived, ready for what organizers had promised would be a wonderful experience.

The After-Prom Organizing Committee began working on this year’s event in March, and worked steadily to excite the entire community, which responded with tremendous support, from financial to in-kind, to food, delicacies, and beverages.

Teens spent the evening participating in events and challenges throughout the Y that included an M&M scavenger hunt, an awesome Selfie Station, sumo wrestling, a Minute to Win It, and Family Feud. As they moved from event to event, they collected tickets which they could use to take a chance on over 26 themed prize packages.

The Vineyard has been rallying around its younger members, as so many challenges face our community. Most donate on multiple occasions for the many worthy causes on the Vineyard. In spite of this, the outpouring of support from the community was, once again, amazing.

The Organizing Committee will now pass the baton to the parents of the next generation of After-Prom partygoers. Without committed involvement by a group of adults, the event can not come to fruition. To become involved, please contact me at 508-696-7171 (

Tony Lombardi, on behalf of the After-Prom Committee
Director, Alex’s Place, the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard