Climate change fear-mongering


To the Editor:

Mr. Maidoff last week (June 2, “Climate debate heats up”) aggressively criticized me on my previous post, claiming my skepticism on climate change statistics is unfounded. Reasonable people now know that climate agreements like Copenhagen, Kyoto, and Paris are useless and costly if enacted, and won’t be supported except by a few elite liberals. Cost-and-no-benefit policies are manifest, while new models of temperatures and emissions are changing every day.

The warming alarms are grossly exaggerated. Alarmists like Mr. Maidoff turn to vilification of “deniers” instead of dealing pragmatically with any warming impact. This cult deity is a new religion which chants “save the planet” rather than indulging in the very science they accuse us of disregarding. Ironically, the worst-case scenarios, if we accept them, merely create an irritation to homes near the water, and the Dutch fixed that problem years ago.

False claims about fracking, carbon footprints, and rising seas outnumber the merits of oil and gas lifting millions out of poverty. Mr. Maidoff’s fears, and similar attempts to curb energy development, have done nothing, and we continue to ship coal to China, drill and frack everywhere, and give consumers low prices while the elites bite their fingernails in anguish that we are destroying the planet, while flying their Gulfstreams to Davos to talk more nonsense. Regulations and subsidies to inefficient technology and guilt drive this new religion, and Mr. Maidoff sits in its pews.

Andrew Engelman
Vineyard Haven