Rush (Limbaugh) to judgment


To the Editor:

When driving on the Vineyard in the afternoon, I find my entertainment by tuning in to FM 95.1 and right-wing radio.

I would be pleased to listen to left-wing talk radio, but if it exists, I have never found it on my radio dial. So I am like the compulsive gambler who was asked why he kept patronizing the local casino when he knew its roulette wheel was crooked. “Well,” he explained, “it’s the only wheel in town.”

At noon, Rush Limbaugh begins his daily hymn of hate against Barack Hussein Obama, the liberal elite, and the drive-by media. He is succeeded at 3 pm by Boston’s own Howie Carr, who delights in lambasting the wingnuts and moon-bats who infest such plague spots of liberalism as Harvard Square and the Vineyard.

These men rarely say anything I agree with. But they have larger-than-life personalities, and can be entertaining.

There is some danger, however, in listening to Limbaugh and Carr while driving. Occasionally, one of their callers will go into an hysterical tirade against Obama, the out-of-control, ultra-leftist Marxist socialist who hates America and is hell-bent upon turning the U.S.A. into a replica of the Soviet Union.

When I hear this I must struggle to avoid collapsing in a paroxysm of laughter, which could cause me to lose control of my car.

To the regret of many who loyally voted for him, President Obama bears about as much resemblance to a true left-wing radical as a domesticated house cat does to a Bengal tiger.

R.E.L. Knight

West Tisbury