Horse Council says thanks


To the Editor:

On behalf of the Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council, we would like to thank all the riders, parents, family, and friends for their presence and support at the recent Hunter Horse Show on June 5 at the Fairgrounds. We would also like to thank all the barns: Blackthorn Farm, Netherfield Farm, Woodbe Farm, Funny Farm, Tashmoo Farm, Malabar Farm, and Pond View Farm, and individual riders who joined us for the show. Thank you to all the trainers who came to the show and help to make us better riders. Thank you to the horse owners for their generosity. These special equine enthusiasts share their ponies and horses with all of us who do not have a four-legged friend grazing in the backyard, so we too can enjoy the partnership and very special relationship between horse and rider.

Thank you to all the following businesses and individuals for their sponsorship and support: Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank for sponsoring the leadline classes and prizes, SBS The Grain Store, Martha’s Vineyard Pottery, MV Color and Finish, Quitsa Construction, Vineyard Equestrian, and Pete and Suzanne Sprayregen. Thank you to everyone who helped out as jump crew and ribbon runners, and all of our volunteers and day-of-show coordinators. A special thank you to our judge, Tobi Stall Mallinson, whose warmth and kindness added to the fun and encouraging environment of the show. Keep riding, and see you at the next show.

Rebecca Solway, Patti Roads, Mary Ellen Casey, Suzanne Sprayregen
Hunter Horse Show Committee