What can be done about road anarchy?


To the Editor:

Sunday I saw a vehicle traveling north on South Water Street in Edgartown through the Cooke Street intersection. When I yelled to the driver that she was going the wrong way, she replied that it was OK because she was correcting her mistake. She then turned into Davis Lane.

Later I came down South Summer Street and was almost hit by a vehicle that did not think the stop sign at High Street pertained to them. The vehicle raced through the stop sign on School Street too. Fortunately, another vehicle headed north on School Street did stop.

Later, as I was biking down School Street, the driver in the vehicle in front of me turned right on Davis Lane despite the one-way sign. I am now officially scared! Interestingly, all the vehicles were Jeep Wranglers or something very similar. Two were driven by young women. I could not see the driver of the third.

I know the police do not have the staff or desire to enforce rules of the road on the bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk, or the wrong way on one-way streets, but now my life and those I love are in danger from auto drivers who don’t think the rules apply to them either. This goes way beyond the challenge of teaching children on bikes to obey the rules of the road. These are people with driver’s licenses who don’t think those rules apply to them.

What can be done?

Katherine Putnam