Open your eyes and look


To the Editor:

There’s no doubt that Martha’s Vineyard is a special place, but just like the rest of the country we have rules and laws. This is the time of year that we need to be more cautious than ever. I see cyclists every day riding along the bike path, enjoying the beauty around them, but for some reason they think the stop signs are just a suggestion. As an avid rider, I assure you they are not. It’s difficult to drive a car around this Island and maneuver through the gridlocks without having to worry about cyclists and pedestrians. Those signs are there for your safety.

There are no invisible barriers to protect you in the crosswalks. Pedestrians who just walk right out into the crosswalks are taking their lives in their hands. It takes nothing to stop and assess the situation. I find that most motorists will stop when a pedestrian or cyclist is waiting to cross, but not all drivers actually see them there. The reason why I am writing this letter is because I saw two cyclists almost get hit just today by the Stop and Shop in Edgartown. They literally rode right through the stop sign without watching the traffic.

I can only imagine how awful it can be to have a vacation turn into a nightmare just because good sense was not being used.

Not everyone who’s riding their bike on the bike path is a vacationer. Some of us use them to get to work, run errands, or get in some exercise. It’s important to acknowledge that, so if you have to stop your bike, please move to the side so through traffic can run smoothly. I’ve seen more accidents happen due to people being oblivious to what’s around them than anyone should see.

Enjoy yourselves, have fun, but be safe — they all go hand in hand.

Diana Gaudenti

Oak Bluffs