Organic turf is the better way


To the Editor:

Many towns across the U.S. are trying to resist the proliferation of artificial turf, including Sag Harbor, N.Y.; Barrington, R.I.; and Hull. Martha’s Vineyard, being a place of interest, is poised to be an example for all. We don’t need to install plastic playing fields manufactured in China using questionable chemicals. Instead, our eco-conscious community can count on local landscapers and new protocols for organic field maintenance to improve our growing conditions.

The timing is fortuitous, as all six towns adopted some of the country’s strictest fertilizer regulations last year after much hard work by professionals, board of health agents, regulators, environmental organizations, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Now we can put those regulations to good use, employing best practices for organic turf grass maintenance, and showing the country that there is a better way.

Emily Solarazza

Vineyard Haven