From down under, warm thanks


To the Editor:

I came to this great country as an American Field Service scholar 51 years ago from a dairy farm in New Zealand. I got very, very lucky. I was placed with the most wonderful family, Richard and Ernestine Johnson and their two children, Elizabeth (Betsy Shay) and Richard. They became my family, and a wonderful ongoing relationship began.

The 50th reunion of my graduation class of ’66 begins in Lynnfield tonight, but it is with much sadness that I leave Martha’s Vineyard after a week staying with Betsy in Aquinnah, exploring and enjoying this beautiful, beautiful Island, and being totally charmed by Roots, their most loving and delightful dog.

Among hundreds of stunning photos of beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, wonderful restaurants, tree-lined roads, the fireworks, the country fair, etc., the photo I took of this boat with the American flag–patterned sails evokes much of what I have enjoyed.

I would like to thank all Vineyard residents, and congratulate them on their warm hospitality, their pride in their homes and their Island, and for sharing their beautiful Island with me.

I look forward to returning.

Angella Storrier

Goulburn, NSW, Australia