He was amazing


To the Editor:

Our horse had a horrible accident last week — broke his front leg and severely lacerated his hind in the paddock. It happened in the early evening. We called a vet to the scene, and were told to get him to Tufts immediately if there was any chance of saving him.

Poncho bravely hobbled onto the trailer, and we got him to the Vineyard Haven Steamship terminal just as the horn was blowing for the 7.30 pm ferry to leave. We watched the ferry pull out, with our horse bleeding in the trailer. Word was we had to go to the Oak Bluffs terminal and we could get on the 8.30pm ferry. Then the magic happened.

We pulled forward from the booth and stopped in the parking lot to talk to the ‘guy’ in charge; his name is Leigh C. (or so his shirt said). I told him what we were dealing with, and begged him to bring the boat back for us, and he did. It was amazing. They backed up the ferry, got us on, and ‘Obama’d’ us out at Woods Hole. We are so so grateful to the ferry captain and Leigh for their act of compassion. Although Poncho’s injuries were too much for him to recover from, and we had to euthanize him the following day, the Steamship team’s kindness and responsiveness made a huge difference to that journey, and got our beautiful boy where he needed to be as quickly as possible so that we could give him what care we could and stop his suffering. Thank you many times over.

Mo Kelly

Oak Bluffs

The Vineyard Haven station manager was Leigh Cormie. -ed.