Thanks to a compassionate SSA


To the Editor:

This letter was sent to the management and board members of the Steamship Authority.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for assistance received recently. On the evening of Sept. 8, 2016, a horse owned by Maureen Kelly and Donny Brice of Oak Bluffs sustained life-threatening injuries in an accident.

After assessing, treating, and stabilizing the horse, we determined that emergency hospitalization and surgery would be required. We loaded Poncho into a horse trailer and rushed down to the Vineyard Haven terminal for the first leg of the transport to Tufts University Veterinary Hospital.

Leigh Cormie, the terminal agent on duty that evening, expressed compassion for the injured horse, and understood our urgency in this matter. The boat was just departing, but he took immediate action to ensure that Poncho could get off the Island without delay.

Please know that whenever this kind of assistance is given, it is truly appreciated. As veterinarians practicing on the Island, we rely on your help to transport our patients when in need.

Constance Breese, D.V.M.

West Tisbury