Fuzzy math


To the Editor:

While reading last week’s MV Times editorial on the proposed Kuehn’s Way housing project in Tisbury, I couldn’t help but recall the term “fuzzy math,” used by George W. Bush as he attempted to make sense of Al Gore’s statistics in the debates leading up to the 2000 presidential election. The recollection came at the end of the editorial, which read “For all practical purposes, the ZBA [Tisbury zoning board of appeals] has been asked to approve a 10-duplex development on 26 acres, and ought to do so.”

Really, 26 acres? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that ship set sail a long time ago. First, when the Land Bank purchased a large chunk of the property from Bridge Housing in 2002, and more recently when they bought the conservation rights to all but a remaining 5.9 acres. That’s how much land the Island Housing Trust has to construct their development, which, while being touted as 10 duplexes, translates into 20 units of housing in the real world. If one were to apply the logic that a property abutting a large parcel of conservation land “for all practical purposes” has a right to claim that land for buildings, then 40B developers would be lining up to buy property next to the state forest’s 5,343 acres. The bottom line is that this project is five times the density allowed in our surrounding neighborhood, and that’s no fuzzy math.

Chris Crawford

Vineyard Haven