Supporting DeOliveira


To the Editor:

I’m a clerk at the Dukes County Registry of Deeds, and I am passionately supporting Paulo DeOliveira, who is running for Register of Deeds and is currently the assistant register.

Paulo is the most patient person I’ve ever met. He is so knowledgeable about our land records, and is always happy to assist patrons in their search for documents. He is often specifically asked for by the 25 local lawyers who have endorsed him, as well as the title examiners, real estate agents, paralegals, and surveyors who frequent the office and know that he is their “go to” guy.

Current Register Dianne Powers, who is retiring on Nov. 7 after 22 years of service, has developed and fostered an office environment that is dedicated to exceptional customer service. I value and cherish the way that our office runs, as I know our regulars do. I desperately don’t want this to change.

Paulo will continue on in the tradition of Dianne and her predecessors. As Dianne’s last day is before the election, whoever wins will walk in the door in one of two ways — either it will be Paulo, who knows exactly what to do and has already been trained — or it will be someone else, who will have all of the responsibilities as of Nov. 9, but will not yet have the knowledge or training to do the job. Your land records are important! Please vote for the man who already passionately takes care of them.
 Please vote Paulo DeOliveira for Register of Deeds.

Martha Kane

Oak Bluffs