Be part of something bigger than yourself


To the Editor:

Last week’s “Gone Fishin’” column, “A search for brook trout on Martha’s Vineyard brings hidden rewards,” was a terrific piece! I sure wish there were more places on the Island like Tim Sheran describes here. Before moving to the Island more than 12 years ago, I’d fish for trout like this two or three days a week at a “secret” spot not one mile from my house.

There is something very special about the rise and take of a small trout to a well-tied fly … especially if one is using a small (#20 to #22) hook and very light leader (7X). If one uses barbless hooks and gently returns the fish to the water, it will be there for another day’s excitement. And every now and then, a 10-inch or bigger fish comes out and slams the fly. Landing a one-pound fish on half-pound leader is a challenge and a thrill that makes your heart beat wildly … and then there’s that quiet, soul-satisfying moment when you slide the giant back into the stream, knowing you’ve been a part of something far bigger than yourself.

Let’s return Mill Brook to its natural state! Thanks to Tim, to Nelson, and to Prudy Burt for highlighting this approach.

Les Cutler

West Tisbury