Do something about nitrogen


To the Editor:

I took a walk by Tisbury Great Pond at the end of Quansoo Road today. The water and shoreline are choked with green slime. Piles of dead shellfish have been washed up by the waves. If we are responsible for this mess, we should take action now.

How can we not know what is causing this? What is keeping us from recognizing the source of this pollution and stopping it? If it is nitrogen from septic systems, we should break the political logjam and do something.

New septic systems, sewer systems, or composting toilets are expensive and unpopular solutions. This will require enlightened leadership and a spirit of sacrifice for the greater good. New taxes or regulations are never popular, but sometimes necessary.

This Island has a solid reputation as being liberal and very blue. That usually includes an abiding interest in a clean environment. How can we talk a good game about pollution and do nothing about it? Let us not be hypocritical — do something about the ponds.

Jay Ayer