Islanders miss cultural opportunity


To the Editor:

How many folks here on Martha’s Vineyard will pay a king’s ransom to secure tickets to London stage productions while touring the U.K. or just that famous city? Yesterday, Sunday, Oct. 23, at 1 pm, Richard Paradise’s Film Center offered us Islanders a superb opportunity to do just that from the comfort of our own movie house, and much less expensively to our pocketbooks! Yet this showing of Terence Rattigan’s “The Deep Blue Sea” was very poorly attended. Rattigan, a brilliant 1950s playwright, wrote one of his finest offerings, more biographical than his other renowned plays, about that most impoverished post–World War II era in Britain.

Few were in attendance to witness superb famous British actors perform in this filmed London production. The theater there was packed to the rafters, and I am certain each playgoer must have been thrilled to even obtain a ticket. Yet here on Martha’s Vineyard, many missed this splendid opportunity to enjoy this same production. Shame on us!

Next month Richard plans to offer another play or opera. Unless we offer our support, I fear that similar once-in-a-lifetime chances may be withdrawn. Please assist in promoting such incredible one-time-only chances to view U.K. and other European countries’ cultural gems here at home.

Doreen Kinsman

Vineyard Haven