Save the monarch


To the Editor:

I am writing to bring attention to the plight of the monarch butterfly, and if you enjoy them, how you can help.

Monarch butterfly caterpillars can only eat milkweed, and with the the loss of so many wild fields, the use of genetically engineered crop seed that has weakness to Roundup built in, the common use of herbicides by farmers and homeowners, the beautiful monarch needs our help to stay fed.

The experts say that one caterpillar will need five full-grown butterfly weed plants to reach maturity, or 20 large leaves of common milkweed.

If you have a bit of space to grow some milkweed, I have seeds of three varieties: common milkweed, marsh milkweed, and butterfly weed.

This is a good time to plant, or you can plant them in pots in the spring.

Contact me and I will mail seeds to you or meet you. There is no charge.

Suzanna Nickerson

Vineyard Haven