Say it ain’t so


To the Editor:

I cannot express my shock, and sadness, upon reading about the departure of Nelson Sigelman from The Times.

While enjoying his recounting of the end of this year’s Derby (Oct. 20, “Fishing perseverance, luck opens Derby padlock”), I came across a very undercover mention that Nelson would be leaving at this month’s end.

It is incredible that you seem to have felt that this news deserved only a passing mention, buried, in a fishing column that had absolutely nothing to do with this monumental decision.

I have been a visitor to the Vineyard since 1956. Oh, I guess that identifies me as a senior citizen. The Island has shaped my life in more ways than I can recount. My wife and I were married on the Island; our daughter was married on-Island to a man she met at a wedding in the Whaling Church — we were all made better people because of our Vineyard history, and experiences.

I was warned by my father against fast women, drugs, and golf. He never, though, mentioned fly fishing. I was and still am addicted to that supreme activity. Fishing and the Island are a perfect marriage that has given me so very many memories of fish, beautiful places, and, most important, the opportunity to meet so many terrific people while fishing.

The annual fly rod catch and release event hosted by Nelson allowed me to see, firsthand, the love, passion, and determination that he brings to the table. This brings me, after too long an introduction, to the marrow of my missive. I, along with a huge body of men and women, will be heartbroken if his retirement comes to pass. The Times, a very good publication in its own right, is made far superior by Nelson’s literary efforts. I never miss the “Gone Fishin’” column. If you are serious about leaving, please put in place a caveat that will allow you to write an occasional piece, so that we do not lose you to the ether!

Thank you for the many years of enjoyment you have brought to me, and the zillions of other Sigelman devotees in this world. Also, my wife Sandy sends her best wishes and hugs. Please enjoy whatever activities you have planned for the future.

Joscelyn Wainwright

Oak Bluffs