Voting for an Island-grown candidate


To the Editor:

I was delighted to see a big banner for Tobias Glidden at Five Corners. Looks like Tobias’s message is getting out.

The “Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket district” consists of the two large islands, Gosnold, and a small sliver of Falmouth. This district needs a rep from the islands who will credibly communicate and advocate for Island interests and needs in the State House, and also, perhaps even more important, make sure that “solutions” crafted in Boston are not imposed arbitrarily and insensitively on our unique Island setting.

Fortunately, the district has in Tobias an Island-grown young person with the chops to do the job. He has a wealth of actual experience in local government; has a record of taking on actual fiscal responsibility for managing large budgets; has actually negotiated with important nongovernment entities such as Vineyard Power to create actual coalitions; is on record with actual, concrete proposals for actual solutions to our well-known list of local economic, environmental, housing, and health issues. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, and proven young local politician. The islands will be doing themselves a favor by giving Tobias their votes and moving him to the next level, so that he can use his actual experience to benefit not only Nantucket but also the Vineyard and the rest of the district.

Katherine Scott