Minnesingers say thank you

Students attend an open rehersal for the Boston Symphony Orchestra last Thursday. -

The Minnesingers would like to say thanks to everyone who organized, contributed to, participated in, and attended the annual Minnesinger Auction, which was held at Lola’s. According to a press release, the Dimitroviches opened their restaurant and provided helpful staff. Thanks also to to the Rotary Club for their sponsorship and to Dee Smith for providing appetizers and desserts.

“The Minnesingers Parents Group, ably led by auction co-chairs Beth Hayes and Susan Pagliccia, spent countless hours planning, coordinating, and facilitating the event and setting up the venue,” said Janis Wightman, MVRHS Minnesinger director. “Ray and Laurel Whitaker assisted with the sound system, which enabled our auctioneer, Sandy Nadelstein, to lead the attendees in a spirited live auction.”

In addition to three selections by the Minnesingers, accompanied by Nancy Rogers, audience members were entertained by performances from former Minnesingers Abigail Chandler and Hannah Marlin, accompanied by Josh Oslyn, as well as SoundWave, the high school male a cappella group.

The Minnesingers would also like to thank the Island community for their generosity in contributing so many wonderful auction items.