Celebrating next Halloween: Tisbury invites your ideas


To the Editors:

Paul Doherty raised a good point in last week’s paper (Nov. 3, “The burden of Halloween on William Street”) regarding how the wildly successful Island tradition of trick-or-treating on William Street in Tisbury has become disproportionately burdensome for those residents. In spite of the fact that those residents embrace the tradition, decorate, and prepare for their spooky visitors, and invite friends in for the evening to participate, the expense for individuals has become a bit much.

The town has responded by closing roads to keep everyone safe, but more can be done. The Vineyard Haven Business Association (VHBA) has enthusiastically embraced Halloween as a Main Street celebration too. The Charter School’s scarecrows are always a big attraction and a costume parade and trick-or-treating on Main Street, at town hall, Vineyard Haven Public Library, and the Tisbury Emergency Services Facility, as well as open house at the Catholic Church and Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, provide many family-friendly options for the evening. The VHBA, the Vineyard Haven Harbor Cultural District (VHHCD), and the town have already organized to develop expanded plans for next year’s annual Halloween festivities. We invite your ideas — especially those from residents of William Street — and invite you to become involved in this planning effort.

On another note, I walked the length of William Street the morning after Halloween expecting to find somewhat of a mess. What I found was a purple feather and a couple of dozen candy wrappers. That was what was left after two William Street residents bused the street after the event, producing bags of trash. We owe the William Street residents a huge thank-you and a commitment to join them with financial support and cleanup assistance next year.

Melinda Loberg, selectman and chairman