Not second-class citizens


To the Editor:

One need not have to look to our new Washington regime to witness discussions about second-class citizens. We have our own second-class citizens at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) in our highly successful boys soccer team.

They just finished their season with a loss in the state semifinals to Medway, their first loss to an opponent in their own division. In addition, they handed Nantucket their first loss of the season (whether Nantucket acknowledges it or not). They beat last year’s division champions, Norton, and beat this year’s second seed, Dover-Sherborn, on their own turf.

In the four years of this class of 2017, the soccer team stands as the most successful program at the school. How is this premier program treated at MVRHS? The home playoff game against Norton was not even announced on the sign in front of MVRHS. The school chose to announce a truck show in their parking lot?! The student athletes themselves put out a sandwich board the afternoon of the game for an announcement. After which they set up the field by removing the football yard markers left from the night before.

Then they prepared to play a prime-time night game. Equal footing, you might assume. Except it was a prime-time game due to pleading by some super-soccer-moms, and finally the coach. The game was witnessed by over 900 fans. This program did more to energize the student body than any other event this year.

Super-soccer-mom Kelly Hess organized three fan buses to travel to the last playoff game. A special thank you to Jamie McNeely of Our Market for providing those buses. Long live the student body’s “baby powder” salute to the team. Their acknowledgement of this successful program far outflanks the school’s. This program is blessed to have a dedicated and passionate trio of coaches in Esteban Aranzabe, Ryan White, and Tom Rooney. An acknowledgement from MVRHS and accompanying press would seem in order.

However, failing that, let me say congratulations to a senior-driven squad that proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

John S. Moffet