The SSA website could be improved


To the Editor:

I have just gotten off the phone with the SSA. I went online yesterday to make a reservation, went around and around when it wouldn’t accept my zip code, or any other zip code I tried, and finally did the 12-minute phone wait and got my reservation in a minute, not what I wanted but available.

Today, I went back online to Wait List. It said an earlier departure was available, so I changed it and was told that it was locked — no further info.

I tried again; same stupid message.

I went back to change my reservation to the earlier available and hit the same stupid dead end. I called up, waited two minutes and got it changed to an earlier, unlisted available space in 30 seconds.

This website is typical of the rampant indifference I find everywhere these days. Doesn’t work? Try something else. Not my problem. Our society is becoming a sad caricature of the comic screwups in the funny papers. The Island too?

Robert Pacl

West Tisbury