To the Editor:

Here are some thoughts about Mr. Trump that my daughter, Sarah Richards, sent to me.

I think they are good ideas:

We have a long battle ahead. I wrote the thoughts below just a bit ago and I’ll work for these things, because I really doubt he will. We have a sad situation, and we have to be vigilant in stopping him from wrecking our country, but it will be hard because we humans are so susceptible to brainwashing.

Let’s see …

If Trump appoints a cabinet that is at least 50 percent female,

If Trump puts through solid gun-control laws,

If Trump supports and gets passed tax laws that tax the wealthy individuals and profitable corporations at the same time as benefiting the poor,

If Trump creates positive relationships with other countries while reducing the amount of money we spend on the defense budget,

If Trump never again says anything derogatory about a group of people other than his own,

If Trump changes Obamacare into a single-payer system that takes insurance companies out of the healthcare business and puts in bargaining for price controls,

If Trump supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal residents,

If Trump stops all deportation of anyone except people tried in a court of law and found guilty of criminal acts,

If Trump removes all support of fossil fuel activities and gives support to renewable energy activities,

If Trump supports the stopping of the Dakota Pipeline and cessation of the violence against the people defending clean water,

If Trump supports quality education and creates meaningful support to all levels of education from preschool to advanced degrees,

If Trump appoints judges who are well balanced and who have a record of defending the rights of all people,

If Trump supports raising the minimum wage, which might make it possible to live a decent life when working hard,

If Trump does every single one of these, then he will have made America great again and will deserve and gain the respect and support of all (except those who feed on greed, fear, power, and exclusion, who will fight all these points).

Heidi Schultz

West Tisbury