MV Youth Hockey’s PeeWee Smythe Mariners narrowly defeated by the Chiefs

From left, standing: George Hearn, Rich Combra, Jake Cleland, Jack Walsh, Harper Hearn, Charlie Lakis, Matt Pouliot and Tim Bettencourt. Sitting: Finn Lewis, Nick Rego, Zachary Mathias, Daniel Serpa, Nick Peccararo and Jacob Silvia. —Joe Mikos

On Sat., Dec. 3, Martha’s Vineyard Youth Hockey’s PeeWee Smythe Mariners faced the top-ranked Chiefs, who have defeated the Mariners 1-11 and 0-9 in the past. The Mariners came out strong in the first period. Matt Pouliot netted the game’s first goal, assisted by Jack Lionette. In the final minutes of the period, the Chiefs responded with two quick goals and went up 2-1.

In the second period, the Mariners and the Chiefs went goal for goal, each scoring two points. For the Mariners, Jack Walsh scored an unassisted goal, and Jake Cleland scored on a pass from Finn Lewis. At the end of the second period, the Chiefs were up 4-3.

Solid goalkeeping by Alex Walsh and strong defensive play by Nick Rego and Nick Peccararo held the Chiefs in the third. The Mariners offense played hard until the end, but ultimately came up short. As the clock ran out, the score was 4-3 Chiefs. The close, competitive game shows a team that is growing this season. PeeWee Smythe is coached by Tim Bettencourt, Bobby Sprague, and George Hearn.