Standing Rock donations find a home


The Vineyard donations for the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline have found a home. According to a press release, nearly $10,000 will be part of a needed investment in a sustainable living project that will be a model for others.

Cody Two Bears, the councilman and tribal representative for the Cannonball District of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, said that the tribe will be utilizing the monetary donations in a good way for the campers and also for future generations.

Cody Two Bears explained that the Sacred Stone Camp Fund checks will go directly to the Sacred Stone Camp upkeep. The remaining Vineyard donations will go toward investing in a two-part vision: 1. Immediately, for the establishment of an off-grid sustainable winter camp on tribal lands by the Missouri River. Materials are already there, growing daily, and the tribal council just approved the camp expansion. They have major contributors and funders that are building and making solar improvements. 2. The tribe will then make this camp into a permanent off-grid housing site.

“This needs to be done so we can walk the sovereign sustainability walk,” said Cody Two Bears.

“Our donated money now is part of something bigger, and it represents the new age of sovereign sustainability in a way that can benefit not only the Sioux Nation but many First Nations and non-Native people of all backgrounds. This will establish a foundation that can be duplicated for those wanting to do similar sustainable endeavors,” said Carole Vandal, a Wampanoag from Aquinnah.

“Such an outpouring of support from Vineyarders has been so gratifying, since it represents not only support for the Native people’s plight but also a recognition that their front-line sacrifices are protecting our Mother Earth and will benefit all people. The respect for our water, land, and all of nature taught by indigenous cultures is resonating with increasing numbers of people globally as we unite to preserve life on earth by reversing manmade global warming and climate chaos.

“In peaceful solidarity with Standing Rock, a huge thank-you to our Vineyard community. I am humbly honored by your gracious giving. The community response has been tremendous.”