Festys on the Vineyard


Updated Jan.12: 3:03 pm

Do you think having a several-day music festival (think Newport Jazz or Folk Festival) would be good or bad for the Vineyard?


I would love a festival.  Being an islander I can barely attend any summer music. $90 a ticket (Broadway Concerts) is too rich for my blood. Would have gone to every one of them if affordable. To be allowed to hold a concert the producer should have to allot a certain number of affordable tickets for islanders. First come, first to get the tickets. – M Draper

This is a FABULOUS idea and would add to the cultural community enormously. We all miss Vineyard Vibes and other such events that were so successful in prior years. I would be happy to discuss acquiring and booking talent, producing and presenting a quality event. – S Lipman

I think having a several day music festival would be great for the island!  Late spring or early fall would be a perfect time! – J Levy

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