FedEx packages go astray in Oak Bluffs


A reader has alerted The Times that some packages shipped by FedEx to Oak Bluffs are not reaching their destinations. It’s complicated: Some packages that recipients expect to be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service instead get rerouted to FedEx. As FedEx will not ship to a Post Office box, the physical address of the Oak Bluffs Post Office (24E Kennebec Avenue) is included on the mailing label. These packages are not always being delivered to the Post Office, but have reportedly been delivered instead to a nearby residential address. A FedEx customer informed The Times that she filed a dispute with the company and was told that her packages had been delivered to the correct address (24E Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs), but she found that they had not reached the Oak Bluffs Post Office.

If you are missing a package that the Post Office does not have, and which FedEx says has been delivered, try the FedEx office at the airport in order to register a complaint, or to get assistance in locating your package.