Thank you and your son for your service


To the Editor:

To the man in the Vineyard Haven Post Office who stood to the side of the counter as we waited in line to retrieve our mail: You asked to be next, since you just finally finished filling out the form to mail a package. Then when you got to the counter, you realized you filled out the wrong form, and apologized. You also explained that you were mailing the package to your son, who is serving in the military in the Middle East.

It was only later that I thought about this, and I regretted that I didn’t take your hand and show my appreciation for your family’s sacrifice and tell you that it was all right and you could take all the time you need to mail a package to your brave, unselfish son. Instead I just got my mail and left. So I write this letter to say “Thank you,” and even though I don’t know you or your son’s name, to assure you that I will remember him in my prayers.

Donna Paulson

Vineyard Haven