Our Makonikey cottage was home


To the Editor:

I read Chris Baer’s article about the hotel in Makonikey (Feb. 9, “This Was Then: The Makonikey Inn”) with interest. The house I grew up in was one of the “cottages” that was moved to Tisbury after the hotel closed. One of our neighbors when I was little told my father he had been in charge of moving several of the houses for attorney Charles Brown. His name was Harry Horton, and he lived just up the street on Delano Road. I believe he said that he had moved the houses to their current location off Delano Road and Villa Drive around 1924. He used oxen to pull the houses on rollers. He tried to find some pictures of the house being moved for my parents, but never did. It would have been interesting to see. My family had the house for over 40 years.

Bruce Boren