No tolerance for bullying on immigration


To the Editor,

I was present at last week’s meeting between the Martha’s Vineyard School superintendent, Matthew D’Andrea, and the Brazilian community. My presence was due to the fact that the meeting was held at the Charter School; as director of the Charter School, I welcomed the group.

I listened to the dialogue, was taken back by the fear and sorrow I heard, and was pleased to hear Mr. D’Andrea clearly express concern regarding the situation. It was not my feeling that Mr. D’Andrea was surprised by what he heard, and he was upfront in sharing his compassion for what was being stated. Mr. D’Andrea reminded everyone that these incidents are not to be tolerated in the schools, policies are in place for when they unfortunately occur, and he was going to continue the dialogue with the group moving forward. I think everyone who was present agreed that expanding communication channels will be beneficial to all.

Robert Moore, director
Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School