Pinkletink Pace 5k held in West Chop

Local runners Lee Greathouse and Corinna Black make top marks.


The first Pinkletink Pace 5K kicked off on a dreary Saturday morning with the runners winding through West Chop in a loop that began and ended at the West Chop Club. Lee Greathouse finished first for men with a time of 16:31, and Corinna Black took first place for the women with a time of 24:57.

Rene Da Silva came in right behind Mr. Greathouse at 16:48 to snag second, and Jack Lionette finished third at 18:56.

Sydney Brown placed second for the women with 25:35, and Catherine Coogan came in third with a time of 25:58.

The race was sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Hurricanes Youth Running Club; proceeds will benefit the Xuchang Orphanage in China. This was a special fundraiser for the club, as one of its members lived at the orphanage. The Hurricanes are going into their second year, and serve as a middle school feeder program for the high school cross-country and track teams. They plan to add the Pinkletink Pace to the annual events on Martha’s Vineyard’s spring running-season calendar.

The results are as follows:

10 & Under Results – Women: Lacey Munn, Vineyard Haven, MA 50:29.00

11-14 Results – Women: Sydney Brown, Vineyard Haven, MA 25:53.00; Elouise Christy, Chilmark, MA 27:41.00 3; Wren Christy, Chilmark, MA 27:41.00; Reese McCracken, Edgartown, MA 33:35.00;

30-39 Results – Women: Corinna Black, Oak Bluffs, MA 24:57.00; Anja May, Chilmark, MA 29:00.00; Elizabeth McMahone, Oak Bluffs, MA 31:46.00; Libby Soo Hoo, Vineyard Haven, MA 56:41.00

40-49 Results – Women: Catherine Coogan, Vineyard Haven, MA 25:58.00; Heather Quinn, Chilmark, MA 26:57.00; Rita Jeffers, Oak Bluffs, MA 29:53.00; Jessica Buckley,  35:24.00; Kelley Metell, Edgartown, MA 37:57.00; Polly Toomey, Edgartown, MA 40:46.00;   Natalie Munn, Vineyard Haven, MA 49:56.00; Jennifer Cutrer, Vineyard Haven, MA 53:05.00; Amy Custer, Vineyard Haven, MA 53:06.00;  Melissa Ogden, Oak Bluffs, MA 53:17.00

50-59 Results – Women: Anne Williamson, Edgartown, MA 28:15.00; Tammy Smith, Oak Bluffs, MA 56:42.00

10 & Under Results – Men Chase Toomy, Edgartown, MA 30:51.00; Declan Diriwachter, Oak Bluffs, MA 35:39.00

11-14 Results – Men: Jack Lionette, Chilmark, MA 18:56.00; Liam Conley, Oak Bluffs, MA 21:53.00; Oliver Lively, Edgartown, MA 22:08.00; Zachary Utz, Vineyard Haven, MA 22:13.00; Sam Hoyt, Edgartown, MA 23:20.00;   Yossi Monahan, Chilmark, MA 24:28.00;   Dylan Biggs, Vineyard Haven, MA 25:03.00; Felix Colon Vineyard Haven, MA 25:03.00; Aiden Conley, Oak Bluffs, MA 25:07.00; Linus Munn, Vineyard Haven, MA 25:55.00; Edward Cherry, Edgartown, MA 26:25.00; Duncan Brown, Vineyard Haven, MA 27:09.00;  Jackson Wojnowski, Vineyard Haven, MA 27:17.00;  Cam Geary, Oak Bluffs, MA 27:18.00;  Henry D’Andrea, Edgartown, MA 27:58.00;  John Coogan, Vineyard Haven, MA 28:18.00;  Walker Brescia, Oak Bluffs, MA 30:50.00;  Owen Steenkamp, Vineyard Haven, MA 30:57.00;  Quinn Filiault, West Tisbury, MA 33:36.00

15-19 Results – Men: Ryan Laslovich, Vineyard Haven, MA 44:27.00

20-29 Results – Men: Lee Greathouse, Edgartown, MA 16:31.00

30-39 Results – Men: Rene Da Silva, Vineyard Haven, MA 16:48.00; Richard Soo Hoo, West Tisbury, MA 56:44.00

40-49 Results – Men: Jim Geary, Vineyard Haven, MA 29:10.00;   Dave Diriwachter, Oak Bluffs, MA 35:39.30; Dana Munn, Vineyard Haven, MA 50:30.00

50-59 Results – Men: Chris Cajolet, Vineyard Haven, MA 21:19.00; Peter Hatt, Edgartown, MA 21:36.00; Thomas Sawyer, Edgartown, MA 33:03.00