Open to interpretation


To the Editor:

The White House has confirmed that the (spontaneous) meeting (with President Putin at the G-20 banquet in Hamburg) took place. But perhaps the most intriguing piece of information to emerge about it was that there was no American official besides Trump involved. Trump and Putin spoke through the Russian president’s translator, since the American interpreter who traveled with Trump did not speak Russian, the White House said.

This is the biggest whopper I have heard yet. Whoever believes that can’t be helped.

It is the function of an interpreter to speak both languages, or else he would never have been hired in the first place.

Furthermore, why was the (very experienced and Russian-born) U.S. interpreter good enough for the first, official, meeting between the two presidents, where he fulfilled his function in the traditional manner — and suddenly before the banquet he lost his memory?

Tell me another one.


Brigitte Lent