Oh, what a grateful tale


To the Editor:

Last week I decided to go for a quick bike ride down to the store. I was cruising along Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road for about 10 minutes at a pretty good clip, and along pulls up a pickup truck and slows down to my speed. I look over and he rolls down his window and yells, “Do you have a dog?”

I replied, “No! Thank you!” Thinking he meant “with me.”

A minute passes, and I am thinking, Weird? Why would he ask me that? Then my gut tells me to stop — just stop!

I turn around and look behind me, and see, half a mile back, cars stopped on both sides of the road and lots of people gathered to the side.

I say…”OMG…What if?”….”Can’t be Mandy”….”OMG! But what if?”

So my gut told me, Don’t take the chance — go back!

I then pedaled back the half-mile in total fear, and there is Mandy wagging her tail, being held by some guy trying to figure out what he was going to do with her. He said she was running down the middle of the road chasing me. He pulled over and caught her.

She somehow managed to push open my screen door, even though she had never done anything like that before. Then she chased after me for over a mile and a half!

I was so grateful. Then I had no way to get her home, so this same man gave me his belt, with no intention of ever getting it back, to use as a leash so I could walk her.

All I can keep doing is running over in my mind the “what ifs,” and how close I came to losing her; I can’t get over it. What if that guy didn’t pull over? What if I didn’t turn around? What if she got hit?

The name of man who decided to stop his vehicle and chase down my dog was Alex from the Edgartown Fire Department. I believe he deserves recognition. I personally find it very refreshing and feel so much better knowing that even though there are so many people in this world that will simply pass by a person or animal in distress, that there are also people in our small Martha’s Vineyard community like Alex, who not only do it for a living, they do it out of the pure goodness in their heart.

I have since spoken with many people who know Alex, and every person had the exact same thing to say: ”Oh Alex! Ya, he is a great guy!”

Thank you, Alex! You can’t imagine how much Mandy means to me, and I will be forever grateful!


Eric Bunce