Find your inner Martha’s Vineyard


To the Editor:

I arrived in Oak Bluffs around noon on Thursday, August 24, 2017, for my first visit to the Island. And boom — the Vineyard happened to me. The smiles from strangers, the pedestrian right-of-way, the sounds of relaxation filled my senses; I could literally feel my heart rate slowing with every breath.

Friday night, my friends and family decided to hit Lola’s Restaurant for some music and dancing. It was here I met the owner of Relaxation Spa, located in Edgartown. Emily and I began talking, trading stories, sharing laughs, and for some reason she gave me a 20-second demonstration of Thai-yoga therapy massage; I could not believe it. That was a preview of what was going to be the most rejuvenating experience of my life. She convinced me that I had to make an appointment before I left; and I did.

It was on the fourth day of vacation that my 16-year-old daughter and I decided to visit the spa. While sitting in a comfortable pale pink velvet wingback chair, I sipped green tea from a gold-trimmed blue and white cup with matching saucer, listening to soft strumming music. I became hypnotized by the trees wafting back and forth over the buildings. I was moved to write in an attempt to capture how this wonderful magical place was permeating my spirit, and will forever be a part of me.

Find your breeze
and feel the ease
of the Vineyard.

Get to know your wave at the Inkwell,
Which is right next to the constellations on starlit nights of
warm hugs with toasted glasses and children laughing.

Sit on the cliff of yesterday’s majestic soul-changing Aquinnah sunset
where God spoke to me … and I heard Him with my eyes. Simply awesome.
Thank your ancestors for surviving
So that you could smile in the face of Menemsha
With newfound forever friends who welcome all of your you. Amen.

Softly kiss your dearest love and breathe in their exhale.
Then instantly, without rehearsal,
you both traveled back to your first touch and inhale. Truly amazing.

Love. Life. Peace. Relax. Enjoy. Release.
and find your way back
to Martha’s Vineyard.


Shundra D. Palmore
Norristown, Pa.