Hot Tin Roof murals — take ’em away

The legendary Vineyard Hot Spot had murals by Island artist Margo Datz. MVT File photo

At 27, famed Island artist Margot Datz was hired to design the interior of the Hot Tin Roof, painting an original mural. According to a press release, part of the mural is of a sun setting on a western-facing beach, with people swimming and running down to the water and a bright sun behind them. Another part is a familiar Island scene: a farmer and his truck, with a couple of farmers sitting behind him — a country road type of scene.

Ms. Datz’s murals have appeared in countless venues all over the world, including the Steamship Authority terminal and the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown.

The building housing Tin Hangar (formerly the Hot Tin Roof), at 17 Airport Road in Edgartown, will be undergoing renovations to both the restaurant and the remaining space, and with that comes a rare opportunity to own a part of Martha’s Vineyard art history. Tin Hangar will close Columbus Day weekend and reopen in the spring when the remodeling job is complete.

Transporting and preserving the art will need to be organized and provided by the buyer. It is highly unlikely that it can be preserved existing in the same size it is right now. For more information, or to schedule a time to view the murals, contact Brion McGroarty at MV Wine and Spirits: 508-627-7557.