Woman airlifted after being struck by vehicle in Vineyard Haven

Police respond to an accident involving a person struck by a vehicle on State Road. —Stacey Rupolo

An unidentified woman was struck by a vehicle on State Road in Vineyard Haven near Pine Tree Road and the Vineyard Grocer at approximately 2 pm. The woman sustained serious injuries that had her first taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and then airlifted to Boston.

A Times staffer, on the scene by chance prior to the arrival of emergency vehicles, witnessed three people assisting the woman on the asphalt. Three to four good Samaritans could be seen administering care to the woman. Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling said an Edgartown EMT witnessed the accident and was first to call it in. He also said Tisbury EMS responded to the accident.

Tisbury Police Lt. Eerik Meisner told The Times the incident has been turned over to the Massachusetts State Police for investigation.

The victim was in the road when she was struck by a Toyota SUV, according to State Police Trooper Robert Branca. She was later airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital, he said. Her name and age were unavailable, he said, as are the name and age of the SUV driver. Trooper Dustin Shaw is investigating, and no charges had been filed as of Wednesday afternoon.



  1. First, I hope the injured person has a quick and full recovery. The article has few details, but I will take this opportunity to talk about people walking with their backs to traffic. I have no idea if this was the case here. But– I often wonder how people can completely trust EVERY driver approaching them from behind– often I see people with headphones on, back to traffic, heads down looking at their phones. I am surprised there are not more people run over , as many drivers are not paying attention either. WALK FACING TRAFFIC– mothers, tell your children that— and while I am at it– ride your bicycle with traffic.

    • What do you call a driver who looks both directions before turning out onto a one-way street? Alive.

      Please look for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as cars. I’m blessed with a long enough driveway to allow me to stop before the sidewalk and have clear line of sight up and down the street.

      Pedestrians and bicyclists, please remember not every driver looks both ways. You may be in the right but the price is a lot of pain.

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